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Project Type:

Essential Solution

Project Features:

  • Customized home page design with tiled effect to showcase static images and links.
  • Stylized black banner across the top of the site the repeats on every page
  • Upgraded the product detail page color swatches with functional images and text
  • Customized the social media icons to blend with the store branding.
We would like to thank Andrew Streppone [Project Manager] for his outstanding work. The CEO loves the website and is very happy with how easy Andy has made it for us to manage it on our own.
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Project Type:

Enterprise Solution

Project Features:

  • Embedded video on the product detail pages to allow client to showcase specific products
  • Custom QuickView on browse and search pages for a better buyer experience
  • Custom navigation allows seller to display static links, sub-category links and featured products in the navigation
  • Custom contact forms specifically created for the sellers branding and needs (Repair Request & Customer Service for example)
  • Gigya integration to provide a more robust and feature rich ratings and reviews experience for customers
  • Customer survey integration with iPerceptions
  • Marketing tagging on the Thank You page
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Project Type:

Enterprise Solution

Project Features:

  • B2B and B2B store creations to allow for a specific buyers’ market
  • Embedded video on the product detail pages to allow client to showcase specific products
  • Amazon Add To Cart API Integration
  • Product bundling to ‘Buy the Look’
  • ZMags Interactive Catalog linked to store
Jazzercise Apparel

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